Tuesday, October 18, 2016

A less invasive proteomic test for pancreatic cancer!

Pancreatic cancer still sucks. Its still killing people indiscriminately from all parts of society -- including Munsters...  Every talk and paper I see on it says that early detection is the key to beating it. Problem is, the stupid pancreas is tiny and checking it is super invasive (long needles....).

Jana M. Rocker et al., says there is a way less invasive way of checking out what is going on in the pancreas!  In this study these authors compare the proteomes of patients who have the pancreatic fluid extracted to fluid obtained through by adding an extra step to a routine colonoscopy. Turns out that the fluid (called whole-gut lavage fluid).....

...contains a whole lot of the proteins that are monitored when you stick a needle into someone's pancreatic duct!!!

Awesome, right?  Lets move this sucker into the clinic! This method is (IMHO) ready for the clinic. The sample acquisition, sample handling and prep, instrument method, everything is clearly laid out so your local gastroenterologist can add checking your pancreas proteins (!!!) to that panel of tests they're going to do while they're already in there.

More early detection, and less cool people being blindsided and taken out by pancreatic cancer!

P.S. I'm not the only one totally digging this method. This Nature editorial highlights this paper! 

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