Friday, October 28, 2016

In vivo protein structural information!?!?!?

We had an AWESOME meeting in Bethesda yesterday. A highlight of my weird job is that I have input into picking speakers for some meetings. The downside is that with 2 rooms running I couldn't see every talk.

This is one thing that blew my little mind AND I know I can talk about it cause it was recently published in ACS here!

I've got a minor obsession with what you can do with mass spectrometry and fast photo-oxidation of proteins (FPOP). 1) Cause its super cool and 2) I don't know how to run an NMR. the end you can probably learn more about an in vitro protein or protein mixture from sending it to the weirdos who run the NMRs down the hall. blows the doors off of the little my brain has stored on protein 3D structures and interactions. This group shows that they can separate cells -- individually -- and then FPOP them -- and get information on the inside and outside features of the proteins --- from their in-cell environment!!

WHAT?!?!  I know!

This is a method development paper, obviously, but think of the implications here -- if you could get enough coverage -- you could have info on how your mutation affects the protein structure and even the protein-protein interactions of any of the proteins in that cell!  There are obviously some challenges -- huge search space and MS/MS sensitivity among others...but WOW! Right?!?!

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