Friday, April 22, 2016

Top down proteomics provides new insight into brain tumor formation!!

What is this? Top down proteomics week? One day I strongly expect every week will be, but I just ran into a couple of good papers that I like.

This one is from Claudia Martelli et al., and is available open access here.  I like this one cause its another example of top down proteomics being applied now.

This group cares about medulloblastomas, the most common brain tumor in children. From a run down of the corresponding author's Google Scholar profile you can see that this is what this group does. And they aren't limited to just our technologies. They and other groups have been throwing all sorts of high-tech firepower at this messed up disease.

In this paper they throw top-down proteomics into the mix using an Orbitrap Elite. And --BOOM -- some new stuff they haven't seen before. Did they identify thousands of proteins? Nope. But what they did find was stuff they'd never seen before. This protein shouldn't be here, thats a weird modification on it, etc., The table is very nostalgic to me. Remember a few years ago when every protein we identified would go into a table in the paper intact? They could do that here. Sure, its a small dataset, but if it reveals new information into a disease you care about? Time to get on it!

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