Saturday, April 9, 2016

Back to the future! C-HPP

Okay. I'm gonna straight up admit I'm not entirely sure what is happening here! But this really fun image brought me to some cool stuff. (I did not make this, btw!!)

You have to check it out for yourself here. The 2015 C-HPP meeting which, according to the link will be held this June appears to have been in some sort of time vortex, only explained by the image above.

What you'll find there is a breakdown of the attendees who were either there (or will be there in June?) and then you'll find 2 large videos you can download from DropBox that will show you what did (or will) happen there. Also, many of the C-HPP country leaders explain what chromosome they are deeply studying in these great papers we keep seeing as well as why they chose that chromosome.

Hey, I'm all for anything that brings attention to our field and the incredible work we're capable of doing, so if you want to make it all silly you have my permission and endorsement. The C-HPP is one of my favorite big projects, not only because of the awesome stuff they are finding with this primary research model -- but also 'cause of the fact this project transcends silly politics.

(This is on the blog 2 or 3 times, but it still makes me so happy! Where, outside of science, do we do things like this?!?!)

And if this group of researchers are going to embrace the timey wimey stuff, I'm not going to deter it. In fact, I'll probably post the coolest David Tennant monologue from his best Piperless Dr. Who episode to up the nerd level right out the ceiling...sorry...

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