Monday, April 18, 2016

Clarion call (whatever that is!) for proteomics!

Whoa! Playing catch-up bigtime this morning, so I've gotta move fast. Behind on everything, but this one is worth sharing before I try getting caught up. In this month's

there is this piece, called "A Clarion Call for Proteomics." I didn't know what a Clarion Call was, so I Google Image searched it, and...that picture comes up. I refuse to investigate further. That will do. To those of you that also keep red/blue 3D glasses in your office (for tertiary protein structure analysis, of course), totally check that image out.

In all seriousness, whatever a Clarion Call is, this little op-ed is a nice read. It introduces several nice new pieces of work and leads to an opinion article from some guy named Coon on where proteomics is and where it needs to be going if its going to be the piece it needs to be in personalized medicine in the future.

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