Sunday, December 16, 2012

Tranche! Download proteomic data 1 out of 10 tries.

This is me being overly critical of a service that costs me nothing, right?  The Tranche Proteomics repository at the Proteome Commons is a great idea.  A completely essential idea.  It is awesome that we have it.  But why doesn't it ever seem to work?  I can go to a cloud service like ByteBuckets and set up a 1 TB data access port and put 1 TB of data on it and then download it from anywhere in the world.  As long as you don't password protect it, it works pretty much seamlessly.  Why, then, can't I ever seem to successfully access the data at Tranche?  I tried 4 times today to pull down a small stack of files and once got as far as 20% into it before it failed.  My record up to this point is 1 successful download out of >10 tries.
Sorry, this is more of a rant than useful information, but that's how I roll sometimes.
Anyway, I'm not the only one with this opinion.  This same problem was a topic of a review that appeared in Nature Methods in April of this year.

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