Wednesday, December 26, 2012

BaseSpace cloud genomics computing

Again, not proteomics.  I may need to re-name this blog soon.  Anyway, BaseSpace cloud genomics is a service from Illumina that is set to kick off in January.  It is an attempt to use brute strength to solve the difficulties of dealing with large amounts of genomics data.  Typical genomics experiment on a dedicated power PC:  design experiment (20 minutes) run experiment (24 hours) find typo in experiment and fix (1 min), rerun (24 hours), etc.,  and this was my experience with around 50 GB of microarrays.  These next gen files can be substantially bigger than even the newest human Affy chips.  By using a cloud computing format, each manipulation will be reasonably quick.  Now we just need dedicated proteomics cloud computers!
Tentative rates are displayed below:

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