Friday, December 14, 2012

Improved chromatography and lower back pressure?

I'm no chromatography expert.  I'm a biologist.  My graduate advisor, however, made chromatograms that would make people at conferences stop in their tracks.  He is just that good (also a biologist...).  I absorbed just enough to get by.
So anything that makes my life (and separations) easier, I'm all for.  And I just learned about a recent revolution in LC packing material that promises to do just that.  Apparently it works by using solid core beads with small permeable channels...or something.  The result is that you get much better separations at significantly lower back pressure.  Sounds like a win to me.  I had the luck to see one in action at the Mayo Clinic and I'm impressed.
 It looks like these new chromatography materials are available from just about everyone.  Below is a video that describes how these new materials work.  Definitely check this out.  The Thermo offering is called Accucore.

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