Friday, November 2, 2012

Sparkplug for iPhone

This week, Thermo Scientific's Sparkplug App became available for the iPhone.  This is really exciting for me because I spend so much time on the road/in the air and I'm desperately trying to stay up-to-date on what is going on in the field.  This is really tough to do from one hotel WiFi spot to the next.  Now that I have Sparkplug on my phone it is a whole lot simpler.
If you look at the Sparkplug icon on your phone and it has a number over it, you know that new material has been added.  Clicking on the icon will break that number down to the specific areas where there is new information.  For example, my icon currently has an "11" over it.  Of those 11 new pieces of information, 2 are documents related to Orbitrap proteomics.  One is a presentation that I can download to my phone for reviewing when American Airlines allows me to again use my portable electronics (in airplane mode, of course).  The second is a curated summary of a new paper on the analysis of a modification of histones.
The App also links you to other areas of mass spectrometry, including metabolomics and drug testing, among many others.  It also keeps you informed of seminars that are available in your area, wherever that currently may be.
I recommend downloading this free App.  If it helps you even once, it is definitely worth the minute it takes to download.


  1. I was waiting for this. Thanks Ben.

  2. Hi Ben,

    Could you please send me the link as I couldn't find it.


  3. If you go to the AppStore and look up "Sparkplug" two programs will come up. The correct on is the one with the icon shown above. Hope this helps!