Wednesday, November 7, 2012

MS Bioworks

Note to the MS Bioworks advertising company:  making the app was useful to you as well!

I am currently running through a lot of the new Apps available for proteomics/genomics that are available for the Apple and Droid devices.  Some are useless (see Smarty Mass Spectrometer), while others are pretty awesome (see Sparkplug!).  The MS Bioworks app falls in this second category.
What does it do?
1) In silico protein digestion -- look up proteins by the UniProt ID or by human gene symbol (10 enzymes to choose from, though no OmpT yet)
2) Peptide fragmentation -- really simple to use, several mods are available, b and y ions only
3) Nice converters for temperature, pressure, molarity and my favorite -- A TUBING VOLUME CALCULATOR!  Give it your capillary ID (in um or mm) and the length and it gives you your total volume.
4) BLASTp access via NCBI
5) Handy charts for exact masses of amino acids, modifications, etc.,

And who developed this really nice free App? I looked them up.
MS Bioworks is an MS services company in Ann Arbor with some extremely nice equipment and capabilities.  They can do everything from whole protein analysis to global PTMs to quantification via SILAC, iTRAQ/TMT, label free, and they are also set up for SRM/MRM.  Their lab is set up with triple quads, an Orbi Velos Pro and a Q Exactive.
Couple cutting edge equipment with the level of thoughtfulness they display in their little application and I think you have found a great lab for running your proteomics samples.  Check them out.  And if you do, let me know how it goes, I have a feeling you won't be disappointed.

Note:  The app appears to be available only for the apple devices.  I can't seem to find it for my Android tablet.

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