Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Thermo Application Note: 557; The Elite is Better than your Orbitrap

Our sales representative from Thermo-Fisher sent out this new application note (557) yesterday.
The summary is this:  "The Orbitrap Elite is better than any MS device ever made, period."

In this tech note, authors Reiko Kiyonami, Martin Zeller, and Vlad Zabrouskov from Thermo show the superiority of the Elite in performing high resolution, accurate-mass mass spectrometry (HR/AM) (mass mass?)
This is the same procedure I outline in my Methods book, that I refer to as HRSIM, or high resolution single ion monitoring.

Unsurprisingly, the Elite excels at this method, whatever you call it, considering that it has a resolution 2.5 times better than the Velos, and performs 60,000 FWHM scans at 4 times the speed of the Velos, it is definitely a step forward.

The bigger question for me is:  has the ion trap gotten any better at filtering?  Anyone used to doing MRM experiments that has moved to HRSIM on an Orbitrap has been disappointed by the fact that the LTQ on the front end has a mass window no smaller than 1 Da.  One day they'll put a quadrupole trap on the front of the Orbi and blow all of our minds.  But until that day, the Elite is definitely the best thing out there.

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