Monday, February 20, 2012


Due to some changes at my work, we are no longer allowed to make purchases using PayPal.  Unfortunately, this also corresponded to my DigDB license expiring, as well as the elimination of the free Google Checkout option.
Luckily, the people at DigDB are pretty nice and good to their loyal customers.  They gave me a 6 month subscription to tide me over until we figure out a way to pay them.
If you are doing any kind of metabolomics, genomics, or proteomics work and you don't have DigDB, I sincerely recommend you spend the $78 for a 1 year subscription or at least give the 15 day free trial a whirl.  This add-in gives you a ton of new functions in Excel including the ability to combine entries and number the occurrences.
For example, if you are looking at a complex list of sequenced peptides or phospho-peptides, you can combine the Thermo output spreadsheet so that you get all of the variations of a single peptide all in one easy row.  It will add a new column that tells you how many incidents you have for that peptide (it also orders them from the most commonly occurring peptide first).  You then can expand that row to see the variations of that specific peptide you obtained.

You can try the software out here. They also have some really easy and simple tutorials.

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