Monday, February 27, 2012

Proteomics in Space and Time (PROSPECTS)

Molecular and Cellular Proteomics this month will focus on the PROSPECTS project.  If you are not familiar with this initiative, it is a collaboration between several of the top proteomics labs in Europe and some of our favorite equipment manufacturers.  The goal of the project is to create second-generation proteomics methods, instruments, and techniques.  We are all probably familiar with some of the results of this collaboration, as the initiative has already generated >80 publications.
Surprisingly, however, with as much as the published results have pushed our field further toward true -omics, the best work appears to be on its way.  Even if you only have a passing interest in where proteomics is going in the future, you should read this early release description of the project.  Of the many revolutionary projects this group has begun, the one of particular interest to this researcher is the use of real-time peptide sequencing! I will continue to detail these reports as they become available, and as I get the opportunity to wrap my mind around them.

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