Monday, November 26, 2018

Clinical mass spectrometry is more than pain management.

I recently went to demo some mass specs. Boring triple quad routine analysis stuff.

I realized on the second day that every time I said the word "clinical" all the people there heard was "pain management" (is this a US exclusive thing?)

Inspired, I just wanted to take a look at clinical mass spec today and some of the proof that we can do more than just quantify oxycodone in plasma.

<begin rant>

Great new study #1

Great new study #2 (You get HDL, LDL measurements in the clinic all the time -- but this is just a tiny clue to the puzzle of what is wrong. We have the tools to flesh out these differences NOW.)

Great newish study #3 (We don't even need anything special. The tubes that the hospitals are using for collecting samples for DNA analysis? Those are perfect for clinical proteomics analysis!!)

Similar and great newish study #4 (Look, we don't need anything special, Mr. Hospital administrator. We're not asking you to spend an extra $0.06 per patient on a new fancy tube. You're already making more FFPE slides than you will use. We just want one of them....

Great newish study #5 (Personalized medicine for bladder cancer. We can track biomarkers to determine what chemotherapeutic to use and when. Today. With the technology we have now. "personalized medicine" is more than just words for politicians to throw around. This is stuff we can do right now to make patient's lives better and improve the chance they go home.)

Okay -- I should wrap this up. And I'm going to end it with the study that is the first image. And -- yes -- this study has appeared on this blog multiple times, with me focusing on different aspects of it, but --- what a fucking awesome piece of work. I'm thrilled that if you Google image search "clinical proteomics" that is now the second picture that pops up.



<end rant>

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