Friday, March 16, 2018

TagGraph -- I don't get it, but it looks seriously smart!

Yup. I don't get it. It's Saturday afternoon and my plans are to celebrate my 30-ish percent Irish heritage in the stereotypically tacky way us Americans do just about everything.  It is actually coincidental that these graphs are green.

I'm leaving this here so I can take a look at it later. What I do know is that there is a clear bias in the search engines I use daily that are biased against the PTMs I'm looking for and TagGraph seems to take a nice hard swing at that by working completely around the problem in a new way! Honestly, I'm not going to trust my understanding enough to share it, but what I think I get -- seems seriously smart.

You can find the preprint article here. If you figure it out before I do and want to give me a call and set me on the right path, today would be a bad day for it, but I'm open to it later. Tomorrow morning might also be off limits. We'll see!

Oh yeah! Here is the link!

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