Wednesday, January 10, 2018

SNaPP proteomics! Online and automated for nanograms of material!

This sample prep methodology is the topic of 2 recent papers out of PNNL. The first can be found here and the second (that the above image was taken from) is available here.

The idea is simple -- minimize (almost negate) sample handling and get tiny amounts of protein digested automatically and shot into an instrument for proteomics.

The execution is not so simple -- but the two studies both show remarkable success with tiny amounts of protein yielding huge numbers of peptides/protein IDs.

I'm looking for any way I can automate and standardize what is going into the instruments around my work and this looks like a concept that is almost what I'm dreaming of.

Almost -- cause the sample prep isn't happening on the next sample while the first one is running -- but the authors are very clear that they are working on it.

To the authors: If you have the misfortune of landing on this silly site -- If you need a beta tester for your finished project I happily volunteer!


  1. Are you volunteering to provide some of your tissues so we can micro dissect it ? (an author of the study)

    1. Ummm...maybe...? I think I more meant beta testing the SNAPP online protocol, but the level of material used seem so low, i'd be cool with doing both!