Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Absolutely have to use TFA to get separation? Maybe you should supercharge it!

Times are changing, I guess. I really thought a White Zombie reference would be near the top of Google Images for "supercharger.." nope. It's all Tesla's rapid car charging stations....

TFA is a great chromatography additive. It leads to amazing peak shapes, better peptide reproducibility -- heck, even desalting works better with some TFA in there.

Unfortunately...TFA also causes ion suppression in the mass spec....give it a whirl sometime when you've got too much signal!

You could leave it out and deal with the chromatography another way -- but if you absolutely have to use TFA this team says there is a work-around using supercharging buffer additives!

I can't get the full text of the paper since it's still in press at Elvesier, but the abstract suggests some of the compounds they utilized could negate the TFA's ion suppression effects. (And I really wanted to leave this here so I wouldn't forget to look at it later.)

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