Sunday, February 4, 2024

What are those holes in the US HUPO agenda each evening? They're fun VMO functions!


The US Human Proteomics Organization's 20th anniversary is coming up so fast that the Agenda is now up! 

Dr. Neely said this

...we did a play by play of this year's agenda! 

What we didn't cover were the 2 evening holes in the Agenda that didn't say anything. As the chair of the VMO I felt like I should know which night was what, as they are our activities. HOWEVER.

Monday night is going through the winning entries of the VMO Proteomics Video Competition! We extended the deadline until 2/15 for late breaking entries. Come on, you clever young tik tokers, and short YouTubers we know you've got something up your sleeves. Reminder, there is prize money.

Tuesday night's unlisted slot is the (requested by the leadership, for the record, I think it's a poor idea) live recording of THE Proteomics Show. It worked in Germany. I'm skeptical about reproducing it as well somewhere that I don't know the language, but US HUPO funds the program, so we're gonna do it anyway! 

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