Monday, February 12, 2024

Reflections on the EuBiC Winter School (Guest blogger post!)

As the snow was not so gently falling on the charming town of Winterberg, Germany, the stage was set for the EuBIC-MS ( Winter School 2024 - an engaging five-day conference dedicated to (computational) proteomics, mass spectrometry, and bioinformatics. The days were filled with keynote talks, workshops, and great scientific and non-scientific discussions!  Since the first edition in 2017, this biennial event has brought together early-stage PhD students eager to step into computational proteomics and experts from the field.

The conference set off with educational workshops arranged by us PhD students in the PROTrEIN ( training network. We held several parallel workshops on mass spectrometry-based proteomics workflows, PTM identification, and prediction models. For us in PROTrEIN it was a great opportunity to arrange these workshops to really see how far we have come since the project started! In our kick-off back in September 2021 we were the ones attending similar workshops, and now, 2.5 years later we are grateful to have the opportunity to host such workshops. In parallel with our workshops, there were also workshops about demystifying GitHub actions and a workshop held by MSAID about analysis using their tool CHIMERYS. 

Attendees would certainly agree that the poster session on Tuesday evening was particularly engaging. Young researchers from diverse backgrounds had the opportunity to showcase their latest work which led to many innovative and stimulating discussions. 

Despite the flurry of academic sharing and learning, we did not lose sight of the fun. Ben & Ben (Orsburn & Neely) did a live recording of their podcast “The Proteomics Show” with a special guest from the audience! It was really interesting to see Ben & Ben in action and get behind the scenes a bit. Ben (Orsburn) also talked about his journey writing this blog - which gave us some insight into what it really entails. Wednesday concluded with a social event that saw us sledding down the snowy slopes of Winterberg, a fun and memorable experience that brought us all closer together. 

We must not forget to mention the 10 great keynote talks that covered diverse topics in the field. From isotopes to good practice of data sharing to single-cell proteomics and FASTA files of sealion proteomes. Many of the keynote speakers had also prepared workshops where the participants could dive deeper into the topics. 

Looking back, the EuBIC-MS Winter School 2024 was more than just a conference. It was a gathering of a great community of people, a platform for learning and sharing, and a testament to the exciting developments in the field of proteomics, mass spectrometry and bioinformatics. Thanks to everyone who was part of the organizational team, all the keynote speakers, all the participants and to Ben for letting us use his platform to share about our experience at this event! 

Back to Ben: 

This blog post was written as part of the EuBIC Scientific Communications workshop by 2 great up and coming scientists!

Louise Marie Buur who is a PhD student in the Bioinformatics Research Group at University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria in Hagenberg and PROTrEIN early stage researcher. (LinkedIn here


Arthur Grimaud who is a also a PROTrEIN early stage research and PhD Student in Computational Proteomics at Syddansk Universitet - University of Southern Denmark. (LinkedIn here)

In addition to getting their PhDs in things that would make them enormously employable whenever they're done (just pop in on the Old Time Proteomics Radio Hour to hear PIs trying to steal each other's bioinformaticians) they also run a blog for PROTrEIN (check it out here)! I'm working on putting up a permanent page over there ----> somewhere that is title something like "real proteomics blogs" or "...blogs I read..." or something. 

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