Monday, February 26, 2024

More amazing archaeology proteomics - sex determination from teeth?!?!


Rapidly climbing the list of "who I want to be when I grow up" thanks to a diffuse and seemingly unfocused series of paradigm shifting studies is one Jesper V. Olsen. (Words in italics are from one of my favorite recent podcasts we recorded) 

It isn't that diffuse because Olsen lab has been doing some amazing stuff pushing the boundaries of what we thought we could do with archaeological samples - with proteomics. But when you look at the amazing disease work on top it's easy to think they're all over the place. As a whole it's just amazing lines of productivity in multiple directions. Does that justify the 2 invertebrate studies we've written and haven't submitted yet because I'm trying to build a coherent theme to my CV? Meh. I guess we'll see.  

When you find human archaeological samples you can tell sex if they are very very well preserved. Which is also very very rare. Teeth, however, are really tough. So....if you want sex information from these materials you can guess... or you can use laser etching to get down to proteins in teeth and do PRMs and then load your data into this Shiny interface you know for sure....


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