Sunday, June 7, 2020

Friday's LPDG Talk -- Clinical Classifiers of COVID-19!

Hey! Yes, my favorite week of the world is currently happening (#ASMS2020), and the largest acts of civil disobedience in half a century are occurring around the world, buut -- COVID-19 is still happening.

Our good friends at the London Proteomics Discussion Group haven't forgotten and they're still trucking away to find the science being done and bring it to everyone's attention.

This Friday -- Clinical Classifiers. Huge deal! There are hypotheses being kicked out all over (today I heard that people with certain blood types are faring worse than others? Not sure if that is true, but it's clear some people are doing much worse than others, and viral load (level of exposure) doesn't seem to be answering all the questions.

You can register to see this ultra interesting/pertinent talk here!

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