Tuesday, June 2, 2020

ASMS Statement And Characteristic Rambling

There is some great -- unfreaking believable -- amazing science streaming as the ASMS reboot and ... just when the world seemed like it couldn't get more chaotic ....protests about excessive use of force by the police were met by even more excessive use of force by police.... during a global pandemic ...and it's hard to pay attention to even the best science in the world.

This blog isn't right when it's serious so I'll throw in the true story about the one time that I met Richard Yost. We're all missing our ASMS friends right now. One of mine is about 5 foot tall and hilarious -- and she might be able to lift a small car. One year she'd loaded up on cool vendor swag like cannabis themed light up gear, including a brightly flashing cowboy hat that I think had a pot leaf and Shimadzu logo on it. She was carrying me piggy back style and running really fast. 100% her idea. And I got to say something characteristically intelligent like "Holy shit. You're Richard Yost." And he said something like "It looks like you guys are having a fun conference!" And we were gone. As I said, she was going really fast.

2020 has been a tough year. I can not wait to see everyone in Philly next year!!


....stay strong, y'all.

Want to help? Here is a great article on how.

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