Sunday, January 26, 2020

Wuhan Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) Complete Protein FASTA download

Edit 2/10/2020: UniProt has resource up. These are better. You can check them all out here!

I was looking for a complete protein FASTA database for the Wuhan coronavirus and came up empty.

The NCBI database was just updated yesterday (direct link here) so I pulled the newest sequences and just assembled them into a single file.

You can download the complete protein FASTA from this Google drive link here.

Hit me up if you have any issues with it.

Image above is from this preprint which was updated on 1/22 after it was ORIGINALLY POSTED ON 1/21!! This is how fast science can be, people!

Yikes -- okay, well I guess the way that blew up I wasn't the only person looking for it.

Disclaimers: I'm a loud mouthed mass spectrometrist who knows very little about viruses. I just put all the sequences NCBI translated into one file so the common proteomics software on my computers will accept it.

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