Wednesday, December 25, 2019

Your Holiday Gift from MCP is a special issue on ProteoGenomics!

Okay -- it says it was online in August, but this is the first time I've seen it and MCP's Twitter just showed this crazy cool cover from

You can check out the full special edition here.

I've rambled about ProteoFormer on here before. (RiboSeQ + Proteomics data analysis)

MetaQuantome deserves a revisit later. I'm writing this sentence for myself, mostly. It looks like a more sensitive way of breaking down complex microbial communities with metaproteomics.

I can't pretend I've done more than flip through these (I'm either luckily flipping through or most/all are open access?) but I landed on a serious distraction on my way through.

WTFragmentation is this!?!??

A new study from Zhang Lab interrogates data from both TCGA (the Cancer Genome Atlas) and CPTAC by both downloading the data from it and by doing some analysis directly on the site.

Not sure how I missed it or forgot about it, but it deserves some clicking around to see what it can do!  You can check out LinkedOmics here.

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