Friday, December 13, 2019

ProteoMiner utilized to find missing proteins!

"Missing proteins" are the ones that the genetics stuff says are there that we can't find proteomics evidence for.

Both the really hydrophilic and the really hydrophobic aren't a lot of fun to work with, particularly if you're using things like trap columns (or cough cough PepMap). Good-bye hydrophilic peptides!  Unfortunately, those missiing proteins tend to fall into one of those two groups. This great new study at JPR utilizes an commercial enrichment/depletion method from the past called "ProteoMiner" to get to them.

ProteoMiner has been around for a loooooooong time. And it had some solid applications in depleting proteins prior to doing 2D-gels. It's usefulness in more modern global proteomics has been a little less clear and you don't hear about it much anymore. The idea is that you make crazy big peptide ligand libraries and then use that as a depletion column. You know the top 10 depletion columns we use for plasma/serum? Imagine that on a much larger scale. Deplete 100 things?

This group uses it to go after the super hydrophobic membrane stuff. They start with a membrane prep then they ProteoMiner it -- then they use a combination of crazy HPLC separation methods and -- violin -- they end up with solid evidence for a bunch of proteins that should be there!

Are you looking for crazy membrane proteins? Maybe this is a cool new/old technique to check out!

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