Sunday, December 1, 2019

Finally! An Exploris 480 paper!

What took so long? Geez. It's like this thing just came out!

The results are....impressive....and....ummm.....

....ummmm......well. I still love the HF-X and the data I've got from the two I was lucky enough to get to use is still some of the most dense and awesome I've ever searched through.

Somehow in the haze of ASMS and all the cool stuff I missed something SUPER CRITICAL. Phase constraint is activated -- in a limited sense -- on the Exploris!!  TMT11-plex can be resolved -- just like in the paper above -- in 32 milliseconds!! WTFourier?

I'll be reading this cover to cover repeatedly cause this got powered up while I was in Okinawa --

(Finally an Orbitrap small enough that you can hug in a photo! Who knew we needed that?)

...and in the one day I was around to mess with it I found a lot of stuff to try -- like NATIVE BOXCAR and BOXCAR DIA!!  Guess what can set variable TSIM windows?

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