Sunday, October 20, 2019

New Universe of miniPROTEINS is upending cell biology!

If you haven't seen this new editorial in Science, you should 100% check it out.

MINIProteins? You mean the ones that all of us could do and feel like experts in TOP DOWN PROTEOMICS?!?!  Sign me up!

50 amino acids? That's 5-6kDa.

1) That'll separate nicely on C-18
2) I probably just have to run it through a MW cutoff filter!
3) I'll easily get baseline resolution of the MS1 at probably even 60,000 resolution?
4) 30,000 resolution would probably be all you'd need to get charge states and deconvolute the fragments? No microscans, no stepped collision energies? Realistic cycle times could explore this new mini universe of important little proteins!

If you do go after these things using digestion and shotgun proteomics, please take a look at how your software is doing "protein grouping". In the newer versions of Proteome Discoverer, for example, the larger protein sequence gets the top billing in the group when evidence is even. (For you PD 1.4 holdouts out there, it's the opposite for you). Another reason we should be doing more top down -- and Science says there is some low hanging mini-fruit out there!

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