Sunday, October 27, 2019

Great quality Youtube video -- XlinkX driven XL-MS studies

The XlinkX nodes that can be demo'ed/purchased and ran in Proteome Discoverer 2.3/2.3 (I need to look to see if I have them in 2.4...which I don't have on the PC I'm typing this on) can seem to be a bit of a black box. It's even more apparent when you're troubleshooting or trying to do something a little different than following XlinkX example set verbatim.

If that video box above was added correctly, you should be able to watch a really nice video by Dr. Richard Scheltema walk you through the entire workflow as well as how XlinkX works.

(There is still stand-alone XlinkX, btw, and I think it's still free.)

If the video link above didn't work, it can be watched directly on YouTube here.

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