Wednesday, October 23, 2019

MotifeR -- Better than just funny letters that are the wrong size!

I don't know about you but I've been very disappointed every time I've used any kind of a protein motif software've got a bunch of letters that are funny sizes and colors.

MotifeR may be what I've been hoping this motif stuff would do!

There is a cool online web portal (looks like a Shiny interface) and a full package for you smart people who don't want limits on what you can do.

The authors point out some advantages of their tool over other ones out there. One is kinda funny, because it's like "well....the server for this competitor went down in January and we checked back periodically over the last 6 months and...yeah...still down...."(I get it, maintaining online resources is hard! 

Other advantages? Directly links to UniProt FASTA for seamless downloads!

Has a walkthrough for loading your data from various output with both MaxQuant and SpectroNaut described!

And the vector plots definitely make it seem more powerful than funny sized and colored letters! Yo, it's definitely worth a shot, right?

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