Monday, October 21, 2019

Current understanding (and challenges) in Human Metaproteomics!

What's all this talk of metaproteomics anyway?

How does it play in with "microbiome" buzzword everyone keeps rambling about all over the place?

This may be the ultimate guide to where we are right now in applying proteomics (and genomic) technologies to understanding the micobial community (microbiome) in the human body.

We might be, by mass, mostly one organism but we're vastly outnumbered by the organisms that cohabitate our space with us. (I attended a talk a few years ago, and I wish I knew who gave it, but the speaker told us to think of ourselves as just the vehicle that the microbes use to get around and multiply -- which I don't suggest, because it's gross....)

I like this guide because it shows the places where the nucleotide based technologies are ahead of the protein based ones and it is quick to point out both the powers and the challenges that we have ahead in really figuring out the microbiome and using it to improve human health, which might be my new record for longest sentence I've ever typed, particularly once you take this segway into! new record for sure!

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