Saturday, January 26, 2019

Where can I learn mass spectrometry and proteomics?

A lot of people have noticed already the new page --> over there!

Please keep information coming in. I get this question all the time. There are very very very few mass spectrometry degree programs, despite this explosion in the actual need for actual mass spectrometrists. There are ways to learn this stuff. Ways MUCH better than reading the ramblings of some weird blogger.

If you're setting up a summer school or a workshop or something that is aimed toward educating mass spectrometrists, please shoot me an email. Let's build a list!!

If you've already got a great list that is probably better than I can do in my 4 minutes I get to devote to this blog/day these days I will immediately replace that page with a link to your page, just like the Conference thing I couldn't keep track of!!

My comment thing might be broken again. Probably more efficient to email me directly until I look at it! (


  1. Remember that there are a number of workshops that are proteomics/MS related for 2019 on Pastel BioScience's website ...

  2. - European Summer School
    Not set up for 2019 yet, but definitely worth the travel.