Thursday, January 17, 2019

Phospho- glyco - proteogenomics of early onset gastric cancer!

I've been waiting for the embargo to be lifted so I could download this data from the CPTAC Portal for what seems like a while now. And the paper is now out, the embargo is lifted and ---

--that's a lot of authors! You definitely need at least this many people to put something like this together!

Now that the RAW data is being very nicely deposited into pre-determined and organized folders by Aspera manager -- wow-- the Q Exactive heavily fractionated N-glycoproteomics files sure look pretty ---

I still have no idea how they did this. I can't just download the data and start pressing buttons, I guess -- it's time to read, I guess....

HOW DO YOU INTEGRATE N-Glycoproteomics and PhosphoProteomics into your ProteoTranscriptomics?

It's got to be in here, because this is what they did.

Want to make it more fun? This is a lot of patient samples. And iTRAQ 4-plex!?!?!

What an ambitious project....and a beautiful output that we can mine for years going forward!

Whoa! Shoutout to @ScientistSaba for providing this awesome video related to this study!

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