Thursday, January 3, 2019

Forensic proteomics overview!

(Photo used entirely without any permission whatsoever from this great article!)

The topic of forensic proteomics is suuuuper interesting and for reasons I'm sure we don't need to discuss -- suuuper scary. Cough cough HIPAA cough cough.

How many mutations make it to cause single amino acid variants (SAAV)s? At most one in three, right? I don't remember the details, but I vaguely recall a talk by Zhongqi Zhang where he discussed the likelihood and it is lower than this, due to the distribution of codon tRNA letters and energetics or something (most of the words in this sentence I may have just made up, but it feels like a memory).

However -- there are TONS of mutations in people. Individual genetic variation like all the genes that make me dumb and you smart or contribute to why your hairline isn't what it once was and I still look like I could totally play bass for Slayer.

We're not ready to think about the ramifications forensic proteomics might have for our field. At all. So, let's just think about how cool it is and this article is a fantastic place to start!

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