Monday, January 28, 2019

Twitter Chat on Proteomics February 22nd! Send questions or people with questions!

I'm not entirely sure what we all signed up for.

I'm not entirely sure I understand or like Twitter. It's an amazing tool for rapidly disseminating science but outside of that it's kind of a mess ran by a corporation that obviously puts $$ over ethics at all time. Is that redundant since I typed the word "corporation"? I think so.

Why isn't there a Science Twitter thing? Please start one and if you name it Swatter, I want credit for the idea.

Back on topic:

Some of us Twittering proteomics scientists will be participating in a "Twitter Chat" hosted by the Bioanalysis Zone.

If you've got some proteomics questions or know someone who does, tune in(?) to Twitter on February 22nd. It starts at 3pm GMT (10am EST) and will feature questions answered by:

Matthew Trost (Professor of Proteomics @ NewCastle:

Eduardo Chicano Galvez (Senior Mass Spectrometrist and MS Imaging specialist at IMIBC, Cordoba, Spain)

---I've got questions for both of these guys already....

and on this side of the Atlantic:

John Wilson (Cold Spring Harbor Mass Spec and Proteomics)

and this blogger I know who can't stop just typing and typing and typing.

Please note: Tweets from any of us will be solely our opinions and may not be interpreted as the official statements of the organizations for which we are employed. That sounded fancy enough, right?

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