Thursday, July 12, 2018

rawDIAG -- Rational shotgun proteomics optimization!

I'm not 100% sure that I appreciate the implications. Rational optimization?!? What is the alternative? Only some small percentage of us are randomly pushing buttons.  I'm joking about one or more things, possibly....

However -- I'm 100% that I love this idea and new tool!

Even us old seasoned mass spectrometrists can fall into the optimization pit. Building parameters and changing things more on feel and hunch and previous experience. It might totally work out -- especially if you have loads and loads of experience, but even then -- wouldn't you feel way smarter if there were concrete facts behind how you designed the experiment? In the absence of facts, what about fancy statistics?

Before you move on to looking at something smarter than this site because it says R package (gross), there is also a GUI for this! They even blast through some real world data (hundreds of core lab generated files) to show that this thing knows what it's doing!

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  1. The corresponding Technical Note just got accepted in JPR: