Saturday, July 14, 2018

FAIMs is back?!? And putting it on an Orbitrap improves shotgun proteomics!?!?

For just a second I started this paper -- Pierre Thibault -- FAIMS and thought maybe it was 2005 and I had to check a mirror --

Nope -- definitely not 2005 --

You, too, might feel like you've stepped into a time chamber when you see some definite suggestions that FAIMS might finally be back -- and it should be if we can get results like these!

It's in open in press right now!

This paper is really big and deserves more time than I can spend on it this morning and should really be checked out.

Get this -- they do TMT-10 plex (this is FAIMS on a Tribrid). TMT-10 plex can't be done on another ion-mobility proteomics instrument that's getting a lot of attention (despite resolution claims it can't, resolve the reporter even our Orbi XL can) AND -- maybe even better -- it looks like they get better results than SPS-MS3 based TMT quan (less cycle time hit? with FAIMS? what!??! I know!)

Can I get FAIMS now? Doesn't appear so, but maybe soon??

Shoutout @KarlMechtler for tipping me off to this!


  1. You might want to check out an additional recent FAIMS publication

  2. FAIMS! Ion mobiloty seems to be on the rise... What did Karl tell you so you stopped doing research on it?