Friday, July 20, 2018

EuPA Practical Protoemics DAY 3 (late) recap!!

Okay -- Day 3 is going here but is kinda sparse. I did something stupid (surprise!!! Ben at almost 40 can't hurdle everything he wants to anymore -- {"runner's high" makes me a little crazy in the morning -- seemed like a great idea at the time} and I missed a lot of talks while I focused on remembering how to breathe.  They were from some Apps scientists from Thermo (Sega Ndiaye and Peter Mowlds) they seemed really sharp and like nice people.

Then I took the stage after all the NSIAIDs kicked in and talked about QC/QA and online diagnostics our facility is working on. Slides will be available soon.

Yeah -- I know -- but we vetoed my talk on downstream bioinformatics because Europeans want to talk about QC. I talked about what we're setting up in Frederick which is based on work at the instrument side from Tara Schroeder and Lani Cardasis and data monitoring, which is 100% based on Michael Bereman's work. People in Europe didn't boo me when I wanted to talk about QA and QC!! That's a big deal. I stayed for Ilaria Piazza's talk (covered earlier in the week) and slept 14 hours. Did wonders for my spine and all the weird noises it kept making.

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