Monday, July 30, 2018

Great new method for studying lysine acetylation AND succinylation!

I love that we're seeing things other than phosphorylations in the PTM-verse these days! Phosphorylation may be the most studied PTM for a while, but it is only a tiny piece of the post-translational control picture (at least in people -- I don't know about other things).

Having taken a swing recently at acetylation and succinylation -- I can assure you the second has it's name for a reason ( sucks...)

This paper is awesome. The first thing you see (when you go to the online version -- I can't imagine it works well in the print version) is a VIDEO walking you through the method! From labeling to data processing.  What a great touch!! More people should do this!

If someone says "what about quantitative acetylation and/or succinylation!?!?" this is the paper I'm going to!

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