Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Metal bands OR words that exist in the human protein FASTA sequence?

On a lighter note, I just saw this on Twitter. These are some "words" you can find in the human FASTA sequences!

I can't find MISERY, but I checked a few. ANGST looks like it shows up in at least 21 human proteins (NIST fwd FASTA was the first one I had available to check). Finally, a good reason to stop being embarrassed about that Goth period you had in high school!


  1. Hey, it's the back of my head! On proteomicsnews!

    Here's the link to the full bahfest event - I start at 1:32:00


    Ignore the part where I flub an amino acid abbreviation, misleading and confusing a generation of biochemistry students.

  2. WHOA! I wondered who this was and if I would ever find out. Did you know it was Tweeted by one of the writers of Explosm? I think that makes you super famous, Claire! I called a bunch of people from my car to see if they wanted to look into what a conserved ANGST domain might do...sure has potential for modification....