Sunday, November 20, 2016

Ion mobility Orbitrap in development at PNNL?!?!

I'm just gonna put this here until PubMed lists the darned thing so I can access it through my library. 

After the reader responses to a previous post I constructed regarding ion mobility, it is clear that I don't understand this technology enough to really go on about it (though...that doesn't always stop me.)

Again, I don't know the difference, but I have got to see this Ion mobility Q Exactive that ExcellIMS has...

...that they were using quite successfully to separate petroleum products. And I also got to see this monster in person (cause it is here in Baltimore!) it isn't a particularly novel idea, but PNNL seems to know something about ion mobility and I'm gonna guess it is something special.

Edit: Changed the title. I thought the original came off more sarcastic than I meant it to.

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  1. Hi Ben, I landed on your blog through Google. The idea of coupling ion mobility to a trap-based MS is not new. The instrument developed at PNNL is different from ExcelIMS and share some similarities with the one in Baltimore which is also based on PNNL IMS design. The main difference is in data quality which depend on instrument details and data processing. I can send you the paper if you wish.