Thursday, November 17, 2016

Excellent review on proteome complexity and balance!

Are we focusing just a little too much on the trees and maybe missing the forest? I dunno, but this review is really thought-provoking!

There is a lot of good stuff in here -- like arguments for why having an array for 30,000 transcripts isn't as good as looking at the proteome -- and clear descriptions of where all of our "proteoforms" are coming from.

I don't want to steal all the the highlights from a review that is this good, but I seriously just printed out Figure 1 and hung it on my wall so I can just look at it....

...cause I need more time to think on this.

You should check this review out, for real, cause I think we've got the capabilities already to fully assess a lot of the mechanisms that they describe here in terms of proteomic imbalances already hiding in our RAW files -- and we're just not systematically looking for them...

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