Thursday, September 22, 2016

New cool stuff in Q Exactive Tune 2.7

I popped by to visit Dr. Kowalak the other day to see what cutting edge science the NIMH Proteomics Center is doing these days and he showed me that his QE HF Tune doesn't look like my QE HF tune....

So I upgraded my QE HF Tune to 2.7SP1 to check it out!  There is a bunch of cool stuff in here!  One highlight: The confusing %underfill ratio is now gone and replaced by a much more sensible measurement. You now have a "minimum AGC Target" as well as your normal AGC target.

According to the manual, "IF the mass peak of interest reaches this minimum AGC target within the maximum injection time, a data dependent scan will be initiated"

I like this much better!

If I've got it right, this is the current instrument logic --

--and a pretty good drawing of me and my dog, Gustopheles (you're welcome!)

What else is included in the Tune 2.7SP1?

Loads of upgrades for the QE Focus (extended mass range, more MSX counts && some combination scans, like MS1 and PRM in the same experiment!)! And a software modification to make instrument bakeouts on all Exactives and Q Exactives more efficient!

Please remember that this is my interpretation and may not be 100% factually accurate or well drawn. Sometimes I put things like this up and the vendor involved will contact me to tell me I'm wrong and I'll walk away learning something. If that happens, I'll be sure to edit this later!

The best part of this is that I don't ever have to explain %underfill ratio again!

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  1. Where/How do we get a copy to upgrade our Q Exactive to Tune 2.7?