Thursday, September 1, 2016

Johns Hopkins launches new proteomics initiatives!

As someone who has been associated with Johns Hopkins since my very first full-time job, the lack of support for proteomics on the campus has been a source of frustration for me (and others...). There has obviously been proteomics capabilities on campus, but the administration has always treated it like an after-thought, especially compared the the $$$.$$$.$$$.$$$ the school has always thrown at genomics technology!

No longer!  Today JHU officially launches the Center for Proteomic Discovery which is definitely the most sophisticated lab in Maryland, and probably on par with anything in the U.S.

With the third Lumos en route and multiple Q Exactives in plan for validation exclusively by high resolution PRMs, JHU isn't messing around.

In order to drive innovation in the center, JHU has introduced a "core coins" program that reminds me very much of the PRIME-XS project in Europe. The JHU school of medicine will sponsor worthy projects for free proteomics work, both at the new Center ran by Dr. Chan-Hyun Na and in the Dr. Cole's proteomics core facility

The center is also open to collaborators and service fee customers outside of the school. You can find out more about this awesome new resource here!

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