Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Stop the Win10 upgrade!

Wow...yeah, this is probably the longest break the blog has had in 3 years? Busy busy busy!!!

This is worth 3 minutes though.... This Windows 10 upgrade thing is driving me crazy. If you have this infestation have you noticed how much more pushy it has been getting? Where is the "NO" button?!? Are they seriously making it smaller or is that just paranoia? I seriously think its been getting smaller!  So, if you're like me and you've got $100k or more worth of awesome mass spec software on your computer and you don't want to wake up finding out you've now got Win10 and you can't process anything, there appears to be a reasonably easy solution called Never10.

I can't vouch for this quite yet, got too much stuff open to risk a reboot!  But according to this reddit feed, the author of the software is well known for solutions like these and runs a podcast for PC security nerds, so it sounds credible enough to me to try. You can find out more about Never10 here.

Worth noting: I do have a Win10 tablet that I run PD 2.1 and CD 2.0 on with no perceivable issues. A local scientist informed me recently that Xcalibur versions before a certain point do not function on Win10 even if you use the "compatibility mode." The fact that reddit feed suggests that some mass consumed video games get knocked out suggests to me that Microsoft has not tested compatibility with every piece of software in the world...as the popup often suggests...

That's a rant and a half... Back to work, Ben!

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