Friday, May 27, 2016

ASMS event planner is up and it is kinda great!

You might be surprised to know I'm not the most organized guy. Though, maybe the 11,000 unanswered emails in my personal gmail account above might reinforce this idea. (Please ignore the Drumpfinator on the right. This blog is politically neutral I think, but I still personally find that App hilarious.)

Anyway, I finally signed in on the ASMS event planner and its totally rad. The search engine and filters are smart, smooth and the calendar works well and is intuitive! I don't know yet if I can download the schedule I build for what posters and talks to see and when and whether I can directly import it into my Outlook calendar yet. If I can't it probably has to do with stuff on my end, but even without it, I can easily just access the summary of this plan through the App.

Good going ASMS!  I'm impressed and I might get to see what I want to this year!

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