Sunday, May 29, 2016

Peak Juggler! Unlabeled peptide quan (with XICs?!?!) inside of Proteome Discoverer 2.1!

Mwaaaaahahahaha!  Look what I got to try out this weekend!  Super cool new nodes for PD that will be launched at ASMS.

What's it do? Peak alignment and easy (free!) label free quan courtesy of the Mechtler lab!

Can you have it? Not yet, Mwaaahahahahaha!

What is that?!?!  Is that seriously an XIC for a label free peptide inside of Proteome Discoverer 2.1? Sure is!

As cool as this is -- wanna know what I find maybe even cooler?

On the super secret download site there is this interesting tidbit. You need to have R installed for this to work. Take a step back here and let your imagination run away with mine. There are SO many powerful tools in R that aren't exactly accessible to some of us more...venerable...?... scientists who finished our formal schooling before this R thing became so key to science.

I'll be honest. My brain is rapidly losing flexibility. 2 online R classes and I know enough now that I can load a program and the help menu after a couple shots.  And that's it. But if you give me a node that takes data out of Proteome Discoverer and can run some of those R tools -- and bring it back in for me?!?!  Holy cow, do I have some stuff I need to rerun!  Can you imagine all those things we've been seeing in BioConductor and from Lgatto? and others at your fingertips? Variance normalization, anyone?!?!

Again, that is my mind running haywire here. I would suggest if you're at ASMS that you look around for posters and talks coming out of Vienna and see if you can get access to this...and maybe get some idea where this skilled and generous team is thinking of heading with all this power!!!

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