Thursday, October 29, 2015

Thermo Fisher Cloud. The next step in your processing pipeline?

Alright, I have big list of proteins....what do I do now? What a great question. There are lots of things. If you own an institutional license for an expensive pathway software, you could try that. You could go to KEGG. If you're one of those highly employable people who know R really well, there are ton of cool scripts and on and on.

One thing you might want to check out is the Thermo Fisher Cloud. Why?
Cause it looks pretty cool. And its free. And you get 10GB of free data storage on the Cloud just for registering and checking it out. Oh, and there are these tools I've never seen outside of papers on R scripts like Pathway Over Representation and Pairwise Significants that are super easy to use in this format. And if we generate interest in this then more tools will be added and faster. The bioinformatician behind the scenes in this project has some great insight into what this field needs and I think we'll continue to see more cool things added to this interface all the time.

You can register to use this resource here.

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