Friday, October 16, 2015

Hey, Maryland and D.C (and surrounding areas!) Wanna come to the NIH for this awesome workshop?

Hey! I know this is self-serving, but enrollment for the NIH Proteome Discoverer 2.0 workshop number 2 is still kinda low. I don't think its in danger of being cancelled, but if more attendees register then I'll be more confident we can have this thing.

The program is starting to take shape.  The advanced concepts in the afternoon will definitely include:
How to combine quantitative whole protein and quantitative PTM (probably phosphoproteomics) into a single report  AND
How to combine the results of multiple TMT and iTRAQ experiments.

We are still taking suggestions for other concepts to cover!

If you want to come, please register at this link:


  1. Please Dont cancel it! A coworker and I are flying out from Alabama specifically to attend! :)

  2. Not cancelling!!! We're still on!