Friday, October 9, 2015

Build pathways out of your Phosphoproteomics data with PhosphoPath!

I just downloaded this and I'm digging for something cool to feed it. This is free, easy to use, software for analysis of your phosphoproteomics data!  And it runs through Java, so it should be accessible to just about everybody!

Did you just jump up out of your chair and yell a happy profanity? Or was that me?

It seems too good to be true to me, but I sure have a JAR file, and an instruction manual, and a practice dataset that I downloaded here.

It is described in this new paper (sorry, paywalled, I can't read the whole original paper yet either...) in JPR from Linsey M. Raaijmakers et al.,

If you get to check it out first, I'd love to know your impressions. I had a weird Java permissions issue (probably me and my PC settings) and I had to "unblock" the .JAR file, but I almost always have to.

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