Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Can you use the SMART digest kits for proteomics?

Okay, y'all know I've been trying to find a good, easy, and reproducible protein digestion method to get behind. And I've mentioned the SMART (previously Perfinity FLASH) digests kits before. The big question that is floating around is: it works for single proteins just fine, but how well does it work for proteomics?

According to this paper it works pretty darned well. Now, this is just one paper and all, but I really can't come up with a reason that a method that digests one protein wouldn't digest a whole bunch of 'em and do it well (so long as the protein to enzyme ratios aren't all wonky).

Sure, its N=1, but it sure looks like it works!

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  1. It looks very interesting, I may have a try when I go back to proteomics lab. Thank you ^-^